5 Things To Discuss Before Moving In

You're madly in love with your partner and are ready to take the next big step — moving in together. While living together means watching your favorite shows uninterrupted, more quality time spent together in the comfort of home, and plenty of one-on-one romantic dinners, there's much more to it. Living with someone is different than dating them because you see them at their best and worst. Check out this list of the top five things you should discuss with your partner before officially making a move and living together.


The Finances: Who Plans to Pay What?

Always discuss the financial obligations of each person in the household before moving in together. For example, if you're renting a place, it's important to make sure it's within budget while deciding if you'll split the cost. However, rent isn't the only expense to discuss. It would be best if you also discussed who will pay the different household bills, such as electricity, gas heat, water, and more. You may agree to split the costs down the middle or have one person contribute a bit more because they make more. No matter what, you need to have a mutual understanding of the finances.


Resolving Conflict: Overcoming Disagreements

Start talking about how you'll resolve conflicts that may arise. Most relationships have their fair share of ups and downs, but bad times don't make or break a relationship. How you handle and get through those bad times makes the relationship work. The last thing you want to do is move in with someone who will get petty and stop paying bills or cause drama for you over disagreements. Discuss how to handle conflicts to ensure that both parties are on the same page before moving in together.


The Location: Is It in an Ideal Spot?

Both people in a relationship should have a say on where they want to live. Of course, this isn't always the case if you're planning to move into your significant other's home or vice versa. However, if you're looking for a place to get together, you both need to think about the location and its proximity to other spots, such as your job, the grocery store, the local pharmacy, and other places you may frequent. It's also crucial to research the area to avoid moving into a dangerous, high-crime area.


Household Chores: Who Will Do What?

Don't forget about discussing the household chores. It's not always fun to live with someone who doesn't do dishes, doesn't pick up after themselves, and leaves the house looking a mess. It can even take a toll on your relationship if you feel like you're the one who has to do everything. So, discuss those household chores in advance. You might even want to recommend creating a chore chart so that you're both taking care of the mess and getting things done. If you talk about it in advance, you can avoid conflict over chores in the future.


Random Habits: The Little Things You Both Do

Be upfront and honest about any random habits you might have, such as leaving a wet towel on your bed or clipping your toenails while watching a movie on the couch. It may not seem like a big deal, but you don't want your habits to creep your partner out and vice versa. Yet, at the same time, you want to feel like you can be yourself around someone who means so much to you!

Before moving in with your partner, take the time to discuss these different things. Be transparent with your partner about any expectations you might have and make sure you're both on the same page before officially moving in with your spouse.


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